CDS Rapid Analytics and Model Prototyping + Training Sprints

Objective: solving real problems and hands-on data science training

The Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science has started a new series of data science training sessions. The objective of the events is to give novice data scientists (and domain scientist interested in data science) hands-on experience on real problems. The participants will learn about practical issues such as casting and formalizing a problem into a model, data normalization, diagnosing and debugging a model, model and algorithm selection, parameter tuning, and postprocessing. Another important objective of the training is to introduce a wide range of applications in various domains (astrophysics, brain imaging, economics, etc.).

Format and content

The next event will take place on June 16. We will predict six months ahead the temperature at surface (TAS) in the El Niño 3.4 region from TAS data simulated by the CCSM4 model, brought to you by Claire Monteleoni (GWU), Mahesh Mohan (GWU), Timothy DelSole (COLA), Kathy Pegion (COLA), Julie Leloup (LOCEAN), and your regular coaches. Please sign up at

before June 9. The room capacity limits the number of participants to 40 in all these events, FCFS.

If you haven’t filled the form (that is, this is the first time you see this announcement), please fill it at

before signing up to any of the events.

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