3rd CDS pitching day November 28, call for contributions

We are organizing our third CDS pitching day on November 28. Light pitch proposals are due November 7, they should be sent to cdsupsay@gmail.com. The full call is available here:
Consider submitting even preliminary ideas or project proposals if
  • you are a domain scientist looking for data science expertise, especially if you would like to use one of our tools (RAMPio.cdsultrawall, Open Software Initiative)
  • you are a data scientist looking for applications of your research in domain sciences.

Some example success stories are the drug spectra RAMP and paper; the particle tracking challengeproceedings, and subsequent Kaggle challenge; or the  io.cds experience at the wikidata pour la science day. More recent ongoing projects are the Mars crater detection or the autism classification project on fMRI data.

Please distribute this call beyond the limits of technical (data science) communities.

The registration site is open. You may also want to attend the day even if you have no pitch, in case you are interested how CDS projects work for accelerating data science technology transfer for domain science applications.


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