We provide some details of the tools and horizontal projects (co)funded by the CDS:

  • RAMPS: The RAMP is a versatile management and software tool for connecting data science to domain sciences.  Similarly to a data challenge, the data provider arrives with a prediction problem and a corresponding data set. An experienced data scientist then cleans and curates the data and formalizes the problem. The problem is then set up using the RAMP software, and a RAMP event is organized with 30-50 data scientists and domain scientists.
  • DATA CHALLENGES: Are competitions in data science running over several weeks or months to resolve problems using provided datasets. In that they differ from RAMP sessions, which are focused efforts running over a few days. Data challenges can be thought of as crowdsourcing, benchmarking, and communication tools.
  • OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE: The CDS has supported a number of actions to improve the open-source software scientists rely on, targeting, the PyData ecosystem amongst others. The various actions have been advertised as the Open Source Software Initiative (OSI).


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