Data Science Academic software at Paris-Saclay

From Scikit-Learn and Scikit-Image to domain science

Date : Tuesday, Nov. 18 2014, 1:30pm

Location : Telecom ParisTech, amphi Saphir, 46 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris

Registration is free but mandatory. Please do it on this page (open till Nov. 11).


You work on domain science (biology, physics, chemistry, life science, etc.) and you deal with data analysis challenges? Or you are a machine learning expert curious to discover and learn the tools CDS partners contribute to build?

What you will learn:

– machine learning using Scikit-Learn

– image processing using Scikit-Image

– how these tools allow to solve problems in domain sciences

– how these packages are developed by people in the CDS

– best practices for successful academic software development

It will also be a great opportunity to increase your network within the Paris-Saclay environment, discover the data challenges from other disciplines and start new collaborations.


Session 1: Intro to the tools

13:30 : Scikit-Learn, Olivier Grisel, Software Engineer at Inria

14:15 : Scikit-Image, Emmanuelle Gouillard, Researcher at CNRS / St. Gobain Research

15:00 : Coffee Break

Session 2: On their use for domain science

15:20 : NiLearn, Gael Varoquaux, Researcher at Inria

15:40 : Mining brain waves with MNE, Alex Gramfort, Researcher at Telecom ParisTech

16:00 : Scikit-Learn in Particle Physics, Gilles Louppe, Post-doc at CERN

Wrap it up

16:20 : From flop to success in academic software development, Gael Varoquaux, Researcher at Inria

17:00 : Informal discussion with food and drinks.

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