Data Engineering Position

The Paris-Saclay CDS 2 has opened a data engineering position to reinforce the data science ecosystem and to build and support a data science platform. The data engineer will work on (in order of priority):

  • Software engineering. The objective to enable researchers to do better science thanks to better software tools. It means bringing state of the art data science research software into high quality toolboxes (as scikit-learn). Getting involved with open source development. Assisting data scientists (students, postdoctoral fellows, permanent researchers) to develop their software engineering skills and to get them involved with open source development.
  • Platform support. The CDS has developed tools to foster data-driven collaborative work between scientists and engineers across disciplines. The RAMP platform is web based service developed with this objective. The candidate should be able to contribute to its development and maintenance (technologies are Python, flask, django, docker, scikit-learn, HTML, Javascript, cloud tech such as Amazon Web Services).
  • Training. Accompany domain scientists in their data analysis efforts. Accompany data scientists in their methodological research. Designing training sprints and practical material for the courses (cf. based on software carpentry)



  • M.S. / Ph.D. in Computer Science, Statistical Machine Learning
  • Good understanding of the data science workflow. Experience with data challenges is a plus.
  • Strong programming experience with one or more data science languages (Python, R, Matlab)
  • Experience with open source development

The applicant should send a CV, a statement of purpose, and up to three letters of recommendations to

Position is open now and will be open until it is filled.


Duration: 18 months

Gross salary per month in €: 1930 – 2370

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